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Moloka'i High School Science Facilities Upgrade

Hawaii Department of Education

Molokai, Maui County
6,132 SF
Market Sector:
K-12 Education
Facility Specialty:
High School


The Molokai High School (MHS) Science Facilities Upgrade (SFU) Classroom Expansion (CE) project added a new 4 ksf science building including one biology and one chemistry classroom, teacher prep room, toilet room, janitor closet, electrical closet, communication closet, recycle closet, and gas closet.

Mechanical systems include HVAC with natural ventilation via operable windows, ceiling fans, small cooling system for the communication room, one chemistry room fume hood exhaust, and teacher prep range hood exhaust; plumbing with lab cold water, lab gas, lab acid waste, lab safety shower & eyewash (SSEW); and no fire suppression (no fire sprinkler).

Electrical systems include power, lighting, and low voltage; with Bid Alt No. 1 for 14 kW photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy system. Power is from MECO at 208V/3-phase.


MENG Analysis provided commissioning oversight services for this project including:


  • Design review

  • Cx Plan review

  • OPR & BOD review

  • CA phase Cx question response

  • Site visit to conduct functional tests

  • Site visit report

  • Hawaii school lab checklist

  • Input for Cx Report

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