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The new Washington State Clean Buildings program simultaneously improves building occupant comfort, lowers energy costs, and reduces carbon footprints. Our staff are both “Qualified Persons” and “Qualified Energy Auditors” as detailed on the WA State Department of Commerce Clean Buildings website. We have in-house licensed engineers and architects, seasoned energy data analysts, certified commissioning professionals, and credentialed infrared thermography experts. We are qualified Seattle Building Tune-up Specialists, and are on Puget Sound Energy’s list of qualified Commissioning providers. Our specialty sub-consultants bring even more expertise on energy metering, control system programming and optimization, renewable energy technology, and green energy finance.


Director of Engineering

Nearly 40% of energy emissions are attributed to buildings. 

Washington State is leading the way to a cleaner and greener economy, setting in place regulations to reduce buildings' carbon footprint through energy use reduction.  

The Clean Buildings Performance Standard is mandatory for all covered commercial buildings located in the state of Washington that are 50,000 SF and larger.  Compliance deadlines are based on building size.

Building owners must start their compliance program at least one year prior to you building cohort’s due date, and must complete by the due date, or be subject to fines and penalties.


Owners who get started early may be eligible for Early Adopter financial incentives, plus additional utility energy efficiency incentives.  


The sooner you get more efficient, the sooner you'll see energy bill savings.


This infrared photograph shows heat loss (energy loss) via the building envelope. 

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