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Inglewood Sanitary Trunk 

City of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta
4,0000 x 2,400 mm dia. pipe
Estimated Cost:
$65-71 million
Value Analysis
Market Sector:
Facility Specialty:
Sewage Collection or Processing



The Project scope included the review of a minimum of three proposed alignment
concepts that would satisfy the hydraulic relief objectives. Three hydraulic concepts were
considered in the development of this study. Two of the concepts conveyed flows from the three existing sanitary siphons across the Bow River. In addition, an alternative concept was developed that would intercept flows from the West Memorial and Inner City sewer sheds at an upstream location, thus relieving capacity or “offloading” the existing 15th Street trunks to a sufficient level to accommodate the future Nose Creek inflows.

All of these options include sections of excavated box culverts, circular open cut and
tunneled sections totaling approximately 4,000 meters of approximately 2,400 mm dia. Pipe. They also include necessary shafts and structures for launching and receiving tunneled pipe sections and tie-in and control structures.

MENG Analysis developed $117,055,000 worth of cost saving proposals.

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