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Juanita High School 

Lake Washington School District

Kirkland, Washington
246,142 SF
Estimated Cost:
$118 Million
Value Analysis
Market Sector:
K-12 Education
Facility Specialty:
High School
Integrus Architecture


The new Juanita High School will serve up to 1,800 students in grades 9 - 12 for the Lake Washington School District, and is being designed with the potential to expand to an enrollment of 2,000 in the future. The new building will be a three story structure and will preserve the existing football field, track, bleachers, field house, and pool. Parking and drop-off areas will be re-designed.

Construction will occur while students are on-site, requiring a phased construction process. Site development will include the school buildings, play fields, and vehicular and pedestrian circulation and parking.  

MENG Analysis developed $23,898,000 worth of cost saving proposals.

Key Proposals:

  • Improved site vehicular circulation, drop off,  and parking for safety and function

  • Reduce volume and expense

  • Improved and simplified seismic system

  • Mechanical systems reduced redundancies and improved maintenance

  • Significant improvements to and opportunities related to phasing

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