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Southwest Elementary School 

Puyallup School District

Puyallup, WA
129,893 SF
Estimated Cost:
$36 Million
Value Analysis
Market Sector:
K-12 Education
Facility Specialty:
Elementary School
NAC Architecture


This project will be constructed on a new, undeveloped, and challenging greenfield site. The new 1,050 student school will have play fields, a main entrance connected to new parking, bus and parent drop-off/pick-up zones, a centralized gym, commons, and a connection to the 3-story classroom wing for all grade levels with the youngest of grades at the lower level. Other areas include special education, food service, and music classrooms. 

The structure is construction Type 2B (non-combustible) with structural steel beams and columns, Open Web Bar Joists (OWBJ), wide flange, and metal deck with and without concrete topping.   

HVAC system includes natural gas fired boilers for hydronic 4-pipe heating and cooling to air handling units with VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system with DOAS (Dedicated Outside Air System) with heat recovery. Lighting is LED type interior fixtures with lighting controls. Low voltage system is a Cat 6A cabling for Data systems.

MENG Analysis developed $15,011,448 worth of cost saving proposals.

Key proposals:

  • Earthwork and storm water detention cost reductions

  • Reduced volume and enclosed area

  • Improved circulation efficiencies

  • Revision to the building type to lower cost TYPE5 construction (more wood, less steel)

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