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E.C. Hughes Elementary School 

Seattle Public Schools

Seattle, Washington
43,707 SF
Estimated Cost:
$9.1 Million
Constructability Review
Market Sector:
K-12 Education
Facility Specialty:
Elementary School
DLR Group



This project helped Seattle Public Schools accommodate student growth. E.C. Hughes Elementary was constructed in 1926 and received a classroom addition in 1949.  This facility is now land marked for Historic Preservation for all exterior walls of the three building areas: the original 1926 building; meeting room; and the 1949 classroom wing addition, and the interior vestibule of the main entry.

The project work included reconfiguring the classrooms, upgrading the library and kitchen, reconfiguring the administration areas, creating shared learning spaces for students and updating the building to current code. Related work includes removal of hazardous materials, upgraded restrooms, new windows, and new interior finishes.   

The project included all new two-pipe, heating only hydronic HVAC supported by fin tube units and heat recovery and Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS). The building electrical systems will be replaced with new wiring and lighting as well as new low voltage systems.

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