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Mary Lyon Elementary School 

Tacoma Public Schools

Tacoma, Washington
66,782 SF
Estimated Cost:
$20.4 Million
Constructability Review
Market Sector:
K-12 Education
Facility Specialty:
Elementary School
dowa/ IBI Group


The original 1909 elementary school is being replaced with a new three-story school to
accommodate 450 students. The new facility will include classrooms for pre-K-5 with classrooms to support the Autism program, a new gym/large multi-purpose, and music areas. The program also includes a three-story open concept library that connects between the floors and directly supports the shared learning and each floor’s classrooms.


The site includes a new play field and hard-surface play courts with interest features
and interactive play, and new onsite parking. New domestic water, fire service, natural gas, sanitary sewer and electrical power. New site lighting is included with additional fixtures at the front of the school to increase visibility.

The structure support is steel with buckling restrained braced frames. Floor construction
consists of concrete slab on metal deck supported by mostly wide flange beams and
steel columns. The roof is steel beam and joist system with metal decking, and portions are light gauge steel.

Plumbing systems include low flow fixtures. HVAC system is Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) with natural gas preheated Dedicated Outside Air Unit (DOAU) with 60% heat recovery and air conditioning in most areas.

A new 1600 A, 208Y/120V electrical service is included, lighting is LED, and low voltage systems include: telecom, fire alarm, security, access control, data and wireless connectivity and clock systems.

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