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Hong Kong Police Headquarters 

City of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China
Value Analysis
Market Sector:
Facility Specialty:
Security Facilities


This value analysis study was for the fire suppression system including the capability to fight fires in both TK-110 and -111 simultaneously. This requires installation of a water supply, pumps, foam solution supply, and associated piping and support systems.

The VA team found that the proposed design for the fire suppression system will substantially reduce the risk of catastrophic damage to the existing tanks and associated facilities. The VA study focused on specific components of this protection, suggestions for fireproofing, types of pumps, piping configuration, and tank construction.

MENG Analysis provided a total of 11 proposals yielding a total first-cost savings potential of $4,734,000.

Key value analysis proposals included:

  • Reconfigure site pad for improved access and reduced footprint

  • Add fireproofing to pipe supports for improved protection of system

  • Relocate storage and suppression systems to existing facilities or to alternative location with improved access and reduced exposure to fires

  • Reconfigure piping to supply one line per tank in lieu of 5 lines per tank for more efficient configuration

  • Configure site drainage, swales, and curbs for improved protection of suppression system

  • Use alternative heat trace system for piping

  • Use bolted in lieu of welded tank for improved constructability and cost

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