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Project Coordinator

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Andrea Vielma

Before joining the MENG Analysis team, Andrea worked part-time as a Leadership Co-facilitator with OneWorld Now, which helped high school students grow their global leadership skills. She also interned for the HR department at Virginia Mason before starting her first full time job as a project coordinator here at MENG Analysis. 

More about Andrea:

What is your favorite sport to watch or play/what is your favorite sports team?

  • Dance choreographies. Currently, I’m taking dance classes in Hula/Tahitian, Bachata, Salsa, Hip Hop and Ballet, as well as Traditional Chilean dances. 


What is one thing about you that might surprise people (secret talent)?

  • I was 17 when I first traveled abroad (Kenya, 1 month, volunteer abroad). In the following 5 years, I visited Chile, Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Jordan, Singapore, and Russia.


Can you play any instruments/can you speak any other languages?

  • I speak Spanish, English, French, Arabic and I’m learning Russian on my own. At one point in my childhood, I was proficient enough in Japanese to have landed the leading role in a play solely in Japanese.


What are three words or a phrase you would use to describe MENG Analysis?

  • Exciting, communicative, and diligent.


Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics, University of Washington

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