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Allied Health Building

Clover Park Technical College

Lakewood, Washington
56,000 SF
Value Analysis
Market Sector:
Higher Education
Facility Specialty:
Health Care


This value engineering study on this 56,000 SF facility focused on supporting a rapidly growing program with vital labs, classrooms, and administrative support facilities. The VE team determined that the current design was a generally efficiently structure both in plan and choice of basic systems. A number of components were suggested for a more cost effective project. 


Key proposals:

  • Revise the landscaping scheme to provide a more sustainable approach with the use of more drought resistant plantings, less irrigation, and more durable plantings.

  • Refine structural framing configuration including braced frames, joist spans, and depths for a more efficient structural system.

  • Reduce roof slope and roof parapets in order to reduce unnecessary construction costs.

  • Use more distributed systems rather than centralized systems for basic lab deionized water and vacuum.

  • Consider alternative HVAC system in order to reduce the cost as well as long term maintenance inherent in complex hydronic systems.

  • Review the space allocations, comparing them to other recently constructed allied health facilities throughout the state. 


MENG Analysis proposed a total of $4,273,000 in first cost savings potential, $1,037,600 of which was accepted by the State.

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