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Ecological Park

Hong Kong Architectural Services Dept

Hong Kong, China
Value Analysis
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MENG Analysis conducted a value management study of an ecological park in Tso Kung Tam, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. The main functions of the park are to educate users about local ecology, the importance of ecological conservation, and to provide recreation for the public, while enhancing and preserving the natural environment of the site. Although relatively large, the site's geological configuration and high density development restricted size and park features that could be included while preserving the existing environment. 


MENG Analysis provided a total of 14 proposals yielding a total first cost savings potential of $4,560,000.

Key proposals included:

  • Combining the exhibit halls and other building support areas

  • Increase types of "endangered species" plants in displays

  • Incorporate solar power for cooling, lighting, etc., as demonstration of conservation techniques

  • Revise facility locations to save on expense and impact of clearing

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