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Ocean Breeze Park and Fieldhouse

City of New York Office of Management and Budget

ocean breeze
New York, New York
110 acre
Value Analysis
Market Sector:
Facility Specialty:


MENG Analysis conducted a value engineering study on the proposed Ocean Breeze Park on Staten Island. This workshop was conducted with the Office of Management and Budget in conjunction with the Department of Parks and Recreation. Ocean Breeze Park now provides a new public open space and a new indoor athletic facility capable of hosting competitive track and field events for the City of New York. The project revitalized the 110 acre landscape, which encompasses an extensive area of native coastal grasslands and wetlands.


The VE team identified the following issues related to functionality, serviceability, and constructability:

  • The use of conventional structural systems for the building in lieu of a pre-engineered structural system

  • Appropriate heights and volumes for primary interior spaces

  • The appropriate construction and bid packaging for the site development, parking structures, and building

  • The construction for the banked track, seeking balance between cost effective construction and operational flexibility

  • The ability to configure and use the field house for other park and community uses beyond elite track events

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