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Maier Hall

Peninsula College

Olympia, Washington
58,231 SF
Value Analysis
Market Sector:
Higher Education
Facility Specialty:
Community Colleges


The value engineering study of this 58,231 SF, two-phase, new building included a three story building divided into two wings. The structure is pile supported with concrete floors, and has a roof superstructure with round columns and concrete shear walls.

This study offered opportunities for lowering project cost; specifically noting foundation systems, building structural systems, mechanical equipment locations, building footprint, and site electrical systems as areas where significant costs may be reduced. 

MENG Analysis developed $5,751,000 worth of cast saving proposals.

Key proposals included:

  • Reuse of demolition materials for fill in lieu of structural support

  • Constructing the building out of steel in lieu of concrete

  • Changing curtainwall to storefront at the main lobby

  • Reduction in scope of the gray water system

  • Allowing additional HVAC control systems to reduce overall cost

  • Alternative lighting controls using low voltage switching

  • Changing the south building to a double loaded corridor

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