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Skagit Valley Hospital

City of Skagit Valley

Skagit Valley, Washington
Value Analysis
Market Sector:
Health Care
Facility Specialty:
Hospital and Medical Facilities


The Skagit Valley Hospital project involved a proposed three-story building located to the north of the existing hospital. MENG Analysis reviewed basic building systems proposed in the schematic design, including projected patient volumes; the basic site planning and circulation; and the configuration, adjacencies, and patient flow through major program areas.

The VA team offered the following key proposals:

  • Revise mechanical, heating, and cooling system loads to better reflect volumes typically provided in this region of the country, resulting in substantial cost reductions

  • Revise roof structure, including the interface with helipad for substantial cost reductions

  • Design building to International Code standards in order to reduce unnecessary interior details imposed by older codes

  • Revise interior flooring and ceilings to better reflect types of materials used in this region's hospitals

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