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Alaskan Way Viaduct 

Washington State Department of Transportation

Seattle, Washington
Value Analysis
Market Sector:
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Tunnels and Subways
Parsons Brinkerhoff


MENG Analysis completed four value engineering studies on the Alaskan Way Viaduct (AWV) and Seawall replacement project, and developed $130,117,000 worth of cast saving proposals.


AWV & Seawall Replacement

The first VE study primarily focused on options to avoid costs and improve constructability of the tunnel alternative. The maintenance of business traffic and construction phasing in the central business district of Seattle's waterfront was an important consideration.

South End Corridor

The second VE study focused on traffic challenges stemming from several factors in Seattle: cargo freight transfers between the Port of Seattle T-18 Cargo Terminal and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Seattle International Gateway rail lines; Seattle Mariners Stadium and QWEST Field pedestrian and vehicle traffic; heavy utility and infrastructure considerations.

Battery Street Tunnel Fire & Life Safety Upgrades

The third VE study was the first of two "book end" projects, focusing on the 1953 cut and cover tunnel's structure, electrical, and mechanical ventilation systems.

S. Holgate - S. King Street Segment

The fourth VE study was the southern "book end" project, which revisited the engineering and traffic challenges posed in the second VE study, with tunnel and elevated options.

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