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Constructability review (CR)

"Thanks to your team for the effort that went into the constructability review.  We expect it will be a useful tool as we advance the documents for bidding."

Patricia Sherman, Dykeman

Constructability Review (CR) is an important project management tool to help reduce project risks. During construction, requests for information (RFI) are often necessary for clarification of design intent or specifications, which often results in construction delays. Even more costly are change orders which owners and contractors find necessary to improve project quality or reduce costs of construction. Well-coordinated documents represent lower risk factors to both clients and contractors, resulting in more competitive bids.


The MENG Analysis CR Approach

MENG's vast experience facilitating constructability reviews indicate that there are key elements to a successful study:

  • Review of "bid-ready" documents

  • Experienced, tactful contractor-based leadership of the CR team

  • Field-experienced CR team members

  • Collaborative approaches versus a "critical" third party review

  • Strong (hands-on) project management

  • Interdisciplinary workshops over distributed reviews

  • Back-check control​

It's all in the details

New, innovative building systems expand design options. The ease and speed of drafting and standard details all help to solve many problems, but templates along with cutting and pasting in drafting software programs can cause problems too.

Preparing a project for bid is usually one of the most stressful project phases. Last minute changes are the rule rather than the exception for most projects. Coordinating details throughout the drawings and specifications is paramount. More owners and architects are choosing the benefit of fresh, unbiased perspectives and outsource this detailed, interdisciplinary coordination task to MENG Analysis.

Notable Work
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