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cost Analysis/cost estimating (CE)

"We appreciate the effort your team made on North Franklin School District’s behalf.  There’s no doubt the building will improve as a result of that endeavor."

CKJT Architects

MENG Analysis’ experienced cost estimators have both field and office estimating experience as well as construction experience. Our estimators have estimated and constructed dozens of buildings and civil projects. This knowledge of building assemblies, construction processes, alternative means and methods, and labor resources as well as bidding processes are very important considerations when estimating project costs. Our estimators are also key players in MENG Analysis’ value analysis and constructability review teams.


Cost Estimating


As cost professionals, MENG Analysis continually reviews our cost data with competitive bid results, contractors, trades, and vendors to adjust unit cost to market conditions. This allows a more accurate identification of cost drivers; and allows monitoring and tracking during planning, design, and construction. This process is not merely maintaining a cost database and applying adjustment factors to address fluctuations in market conditions.

MENG Analysis uses Excel, Success and MCII software estimating programs. Our staff is versed in both CSI and Uniformat II estimating methodologies. Our cost summaries show subtotals as well as tailored markups to fit procurement methods and project parameters such as phasing as well as contingencies. Project budgets and soft costs worksheets can be included if requested.


Cost Analysis


MENG Analysis is ready to assist you with any cost analysis from cost-benefit analysis to second party, peer estimate review. Our formal review process is established to benefit the design team and estimators as opposed to adversarial approaches. We utilize a checklist approach applied to summary level as well as comprehensive reviews.


Our cost modeling can provide project specific models based on building use types to support program, i.e. fire station, office building, courthouse and building main structure (i.e. wood, steel, and concrete), as well as general purpose models reflecting a range of building systems cost.


MENG Analysis' expertise in value analysis, coupled with regularly reviewing the work of other cost consultants, provides a unique perspective of costs throughout various stages of design and construction, project planning, and contributes to our knowledge of unit costs, soft-costs, and mark-ups.

Notable Work
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