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Value Analysis (VA)

"Thank you for all of your support and your team's excellent performance throughout our cost saving analysis. We look forward to working with MENG Analysis again in the future."


MENG Analysis has been providing Value Analysis (VA) services to our clients since 1985. VA, is also known as value engineering (VE) or value management (VM), is a professionally facilitated methodology that emphasizes the analysis of function and costs to derive value improvements. With an amazing diversity of project types, we have facilitated over 600 studies for a variety of clients including K-12, higher education, correctional, hospital/high-tech, and transportation clients.


We distinguish our approach to facilitating VA services with a sensitivity to the unique elements of each project. Each project, design team, and client have special concerns. We take the time to ask thoughtful questions and actively listen to truly learn about the key issues, and how we can best craft a team and approach to add value to the project. Serving as an extension of the project team, with a fresh perspective, we call this our Collaborative Approach.


VA is a function based, systematic approach organized in a six step Standard Methodology to avoid unnecessary costs, while still maintaining or improving quality. This formally facilitated process by certified team leaders is much more than mere cost-cutting exercises. It is not based on simple material substitution to cut costs, but rather a process-oriented activity that is best applied early in the project planning or design. With a Collaborative Approach, the Value Team serves as an additional resource to the planning/design team.


The Function Analysis process includes FAST Diagrams and reveal alternatives, which maintain or improve function and quality, while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Notable Work
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